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e-Campaign Testimonials

``Campaign with an E "   ( review by About.com )

It may sound like the latest buzzword in a superficial, media-crazy society, but e-Campaign is something mundane and useful. It is a reasonably flexible, quite powerful and easy to use bulk email application.

e-Campaign shines with a powerful HTML message editor that also lets you edit the HTML source. Another goodie is the integrated bounce handling that sorts out email addresses with delivery failures automatically.


Dr. George Bien -- www.georgebien.com

"I have tried 7 different bulk e-mail programs. You have to be an IT expert to use some of them. Yours is the most straight-forward, and absolutely the easiest to use. And it can be used to generate virtually any e-mail campaign a company may need.

Bravo on creating such a great product!!!"


Vincent J. Jacobie, South Africa

I have to comment on your application (e-Campaign)...

I work as a Project Manager and Senior Business analyst for a debt collection agency in South Africa. We use your application to contact our base of debtors. Your application works like a dream... From the sending of the emails, to handling of replies/bounces etc It is by far the best bulk emailer that I have used in my 9 years of using them. We, as a company, have gone through countless other bulk mailer applications, and none of them have been able to meet our requirements until, that is, we used yours.

Thank you for creating such an awesome application. I look forward to the continuous use of your application in the future.


Ken Calhoun,    President, Daytrading University

Hi, just another Thanks for updating the ecampaign program again and creating such a terrific tool, I use it daily and it's one of my most important programs I use. I used to use a different mailer but I like the html and other features in your program even better. Nice work - thanks!

good programming is hard to find. your code is small, fast, effective, excellent work. you should expand!


Ray Shelton ,   Marketing Director, BMK Associates

I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much we appreciate your service. You guys are always quick to respond and your support is excellent! We use the e-Campaign program on a daily basis and it is the greatest program we have found. It continues to be an invaluable tool in our marketing efforts.


Don Tomlinson, UK   (MAX20 - IT Recruitment Specialists)

I have just purchased e-Campaign and can fully agree with Pat Pelletier from BC, Canada. I had the same very frustrating time with MACH 5 but not with e-Campaign. Your product works like a dream, is easy to set up and edit and, of course allows me to send HTML e-mails easily. Well done for an excellent product at a very competitive price. Keep up the good work….


Mihai Crasneanu, France   

Excellent product! I'm the CEO of an online DVD rental company and my marketing department was looking for an e-mailing tool. e-Campaign brings better value than its competitors, we love its easy yet robust features for HTML mass mailing.


Esten Haug Erlien, Norway

when i found e-Campaign I have been looking for such software for some time, and I have been searching number of places, and have tested a lot of different software. As far as I have seen, e-Campaing is the best bulk e-mail software.


Pat Pelletier, BC, Canada

I recently downloaded a competitor's product Mach 5, and paid for the license. It has been a very frustrating experience.....you need to be a MIT grad to set up : ). Also, I can't keep formatting from any Office Documents......

What has this to do with you? Well, I downloaded a trial version of e-campiagn and had it set up in a minute. I thought you would like to see a copy of the letter I sent them...


Daisy Chou, Hong Kong

e-Campaign is outstanding software.
I can send personalized HTML messages without any hassle.
Actually I bought it the day I tried it, and it's worth the dollars.


Akira Yamaguchi, Japan

Thank you for producing such an excellent group email client. It's best and most cost-effective as far as I know. And I can recommend it to my friends.


Van Der Steen, The Netherlands

After a long search, I finally got a group mail program that I like. Its wysisyg html editing and macros processing capabilities are indead great. Keep up the great work on your software.

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