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You can purchase our products using any major credit card or via wire/bank transfer. The ordering page is on a secure server, ensuring that your personal information remains confidential. As soon as your order is processed, we'll email you the license key and download link.

Our software is distributed as try-before-you-buy products. To see how the software works and suits your needs, please download a free trial version from the "Downloads" webpage. e-Campaign full version does NOT append any tagline/footer to your messages.

Windows Mailing List Softwaree-Campaign Standard Edition
(Sends each email to up to 2000 recipients; supports text/csv lists)

£ 199.95 Buy Now
e-Campaign Business Edition
(Unlimited recipients, plus database support)
£ 299.95 Buy Now

We accept:

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After your order is processed, we will email you the license key and download link.
Please check your spam folder if you don't receive the license key.

e-Campaign Bulk Email Software Features Matrix

Message Creation Standard Business
Unlimited email personalization [1] Yes Yes
Embedded images Yes Yes
File attachments Yes Yes
Multipart Email (containing both HTML and plain text) [2] Yes Yes
International language/character support [3] Yes Yes
MIME, Quoted-Printable, and Base64 encodings Yes Yes
Personalized attachments [4] Yes Yes
Email Delivery Standard Business
Email Accounts (Profiles of Delivery Settings) 1 No Limit
Fast Sending using multiple concurrent connections Yes Yes
Direct Sending (no SMTP server required) Yes Yes
Send email via SMTP Server (with SMTP authencation & TLS/SSL support) Yes Yes
SMTP Server Throttling (limiting the per minute/hour/day email volumes) Yes Yes
SOCKS5 Proxy Support Yes Yes
Send email via Microsoft Exchange Server   Yes
Send email via Office 365   Yes
Email Pickup (via Microsoft IIS SMTP Pickup service)   Yes
Delivery Scheduling (Supports mailing job recurring scheduling)   Yes
Load-balancing your emails among multiple SMTP servers or accounts   Yes
Mailing List & Database Support Standard Business
Mailing List Size (Maximum Recipients Per Mailing) 2000 No Limit
Plain-Text Mailing Lists (CSV, and Tab/Semicolon/Verital Bar delimited text files) Yes Yes
Microsoft Access Database   Yes
Microsoft Excel Database   Yes
Microsoft SQL Server   Yes
Other popular databases via ADO/ODBC Database Connections   Yes


[1] The mail merge feature allows you to send highly personalized email newsletters (with different Subject & message body). e-Campaign sends a personalized/separate copy of your email to each address in your list; and each recipient will see only his/her email address in the To: field. Emails sent using e-Campaign are like individual emails sent out by Outlook.

[2] e-Campaign can send multi-part HTML messages, containing both HTML and text versions. In HTML-capable email programs, the HTML version will be displayed; otherwise, the plain text version will be shown.

[3] e-Campaign supports all major International characters (English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), and can smartly choose the most appropriate encoding for the message.

[4] This feature allows you to send different file attachments to different recipients in the same mailing, by using merge fields.

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If you have problems ordering, please let us know at support@LmhSoft.com.

Note: We will e-mail you a license key immediately after your order is processed. If you don't receive a license key within 8 hours of placing your order, please notify us via email. Thank you.
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