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More info about e-Campaign Bulk Email Software

e-Campaign Bulk Email Software :: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. Is this bulk email software easy to use? How can I get started?
  2. Are there any ads appended to emails in the registered(full) versions of e-Campaign?
  3. Will a recipient see other email addresses on my list?

Creating Mailing Lists

  1. How do I create a mailing list?
  2. How do I use Microsoft Excel/Access files?
  3. How do I remove duplicate email addresses?
  4. How do I export addresses from Outlook Express?
  5. How do I export addresses from Microsoft Outlook?
  6. How do I connect to MySQL databases?

Mail Merge: Sending Personalized Emails

  1. What are merge fields? How do I use them?
  2. Can I customize message Subject and body?
  3. Can I send personalized attachments to different recipients in the same mailing list?
  4. Can I embed personalized pictures? (sending different images to different recipients)

Troubleshooting Email Delivery Problems

  1. What is "Direct Send"?
  2. What is my SMTP account information (username, password, and hostname)?
  3. I encountered problem sending email ...
  4. How do I diagnose email sending problems?
  5. I have antivirus/firewall software installed, and cannot send email using e-Campaign

Creating Rich-Text Email Messages

  1. How do I create HTML email?
  2. Can I create HTML messages using my favorite HTML editor such as Microsoft FrontPage, DreamWeaver?
  3. Why should I provide a plain text version for HTML email?
  4. How do I determine whether a recipient's email program supports HTML?

Mailing Job Management

  1. What does the image next to job name indicate?
  2. Is it possible to edit a finished mailing job?

Email Sending

Email Tracking and Unsubscribe Links

PHP scripting in e-Campaign

Running e-Campaign on macOS

  Installing e-Campaign inside VirtualBox under macOS

Running e-Campaign on Linux (Wine)

  Installing e-Campaign on Ubuntu Linux and Linux Mint

  Installing e-Campaign on Fedora Linux

  Installing e-Campaign on openSUSE Linux



Quick-Start Tutorial

e-Campaign is easy-to-use bulk email software. You can get started using this bulk mailing program in minutes by following this quick-start guide at http://www.lmhsoft.com/quickstart.html


To access documentation, press F1 from e-Campaign.
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